awaken the senses for writers NY Times bestselling erotica & erotic romance author Eden Bradley leads writers through an exercise in sensuality in this self-guided workshop that teaches you how to tune into the five senses and use them to deepen every scene you write–not just love scenes.
What you'll learn Learn to create a mood, enhance your settings, draw your reader in, ground them in your character’s head and in the moment by using sight, smell, touch, taste and sound to make your story come alive. awaken the senses
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who it's for Writers who want to learn how to use sensual detail to heighten every scene in your manuscript, and how using the five senses can improve any type of scene, adding tension and impact. writers
awaken your senses for writers LEARN HOW TO:
make your writing richer
tune into sensory responses
translate sensory input into a scene
engage your readers with senses
create compelling stories
deepen your own response

Who this course is for:

If you want to write richer scenes: Learn how using sensual detail can enhance every scene in your manuscript. The focus is not only on writing love scenes, but how using the five senses can make any scene more believable and compelling.  

If your love scenes are lacking authenticity: Learn to write with the right amount of exquisite detail to make your scenes come alive. See examples of scenes that were transformed though adding lush, sensory detail.

If you want skills for writing sensual themes: Draw your reader in by "showing" instead of "telling" using sensory detail and action. Learn to connect to the five senses and use them to deepen your characters and setting.

If you need help with the details: It can be a challenge to find the right balance when writing with sensual detail. Too much description can make for a scene that drags, and not enough can leave the reader confused. Learn to find the right balance so your scenes excite and inspire.

awaken the senses is a self-guided course for writers with video, audio and pdf media.
writers are
conduits and agents of
Sensuality for our readers.
we make them feel
through our
Eden Bradley
"I was intimidated to write love scenes because I wasn't sure how to use details that felt real. This course showed me how to use my own senses for my characters and bring them to life in an authentic way. " Emilie
"I love Eden's work and am really inspired by how she uses the senses to bring her characters to life on the page. I want my work to do the same. This course helped me do that!" Jessica
"This was such a fun course. It really showed me how to tune into my senses. Even though I am a new writer, I feel like my work has transformed just from learning to add more sensual details." veronica B.
"Learning Eden's techniques for engaging my senses really brought my scenes an element they didn't have before. I write from a much more intuitive place now." Christine


Module 1: Add dimension with scent: Learn to use this most crucial element to add depth and sensuality to your scenes that your reader will absorb on a subconscious level.

Module 2: Enliven scenes with sound:  Whether it's music, background noises, or the low whisper of a lover's sighs, learn to use sound to develop the mood and tone of the moment.

Module 3: Show depth with touch:  Touch plays such an important part in any story, but never more than in writing romance and erotica.

Module 4: Bring scenes alive with sight:  Learn to expand your ideas about how sight can build chemistry, set a scene and prevent "floating head syndrome."

Module 5: Create dynamic moments with taste:  There's so much more to this overlooked sensation than scenes involving food! Use taste to heighten a love scene, evoke a memory and build sensuality.