Ever: The Turning

A Midnight Playground Prequel Story

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London, 2040

The world-wide economic crisis has finally allowed the vampires to come out of the shadows in which they’ve hidden for untold centuries. The first of the Midnight Playground vampire sex clubs is founded in London’s old Palace Theater, and mankind comes to know the vampires, to worship them as gods. These dens of the ultimate in sexual deviance and utter luxury are revered, the Kiss of the vampires yearned for, and given only to those few who are fortunate enough to gain entry—both the Seeking Kiss, that exquisite drink offered to the human sex partners of the vampires, and the Turning Kiss, the exchange of blood which gives the eternal gift of immortality.

But with immortality comes a lifetime of regret, loss—and the possibility of love everlasting

Love may die, but it is never forgotten…

As a young Viking in the late ninth century, Ever’s ship is destroyed in a catastrophic storm, killing his brothers and crew. Avoiding the fate of his shipmates, Ever is rescued by the beautiful, savage vampire Vérún, who lustfully Turns him from human to immortal, creating a unique and enduring bond.

But as the decades pass, Vérún becomes enveloped by the weight of time. Even Ever’s great love for her is unable to save her from her fate. But that love will last for eternity…

As the prequel to Eden Bradley’s erotic vampire stories, “Ever: The Turning” connects the series’ past to its future, revealing the origin of the Midnight Playground Clubs and giving new meaning to their existence.

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