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Midnight Playground Series:International

The penalty for his crimes is pain…and pleasure.

Midnight Playground, Book 5

Madrid, 2069

He is Rogue.

He has known no other life, no other name. Turned at the tender age of nineteen on the dark streets of London, he wanders Europe, angry and rebellious, haunted by the crime that has followed him for over a century. Always alone.

He is Ramsey.

Member of the Vampire Council, all he has are his memories of dazzling grief and unrelenting pain—his only respite is blood and sex. Until a young rogue vampire poaches in his territory…

Inexorably drawn to each other, the head of Madrid’s Midnight Playground and the rebel from nowhere will find passion in each other’s arms—and discover a dangerous secret that could irrevocably change both their worlds.

This book has been previously published and has been revised and expanded from its original release.

‘Elegant, Erotic, Evocative…Eden Bradley’s vampires mesmerize!’

~R.G. Alexander, author of Burn With Me & Regina In the Sun

‘Bradley introduces a world that is intensely sexual. It’s erotic and totally pleasing… Rogue is a worthy addition to the sphere of erotic M/M paranormal romance, especially if you like tragic heroes who speak through tragically hot sex.’

~Heroes & Heartbreakers

‘…deliciously erotic…This is a sensually arousing tale of two broken men brought together by passion, sex, and blood.’

~Day Dreaming Book Reviews

‘Wow!  I love, Love, LOVED it!  This was absolutely beautiful, erotic, and whoa…SUPER SEXY…Prepare yourself for an exquisitely written tale of two vampiric men brought to their knees by one another…’

~ LolaLovesBooks