A 21st Century Courtesan


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She’s spent her life pleasuring others.

Now it’s her turn…

She lives in a world of silk sheets, imported champagne, and endless erotic delight…

She fulfills the deepest fantasies of the most powerful men in the world. Sensual, seductive, and discreet, Valentine Day is a high class call girl, pampered and adored by her exclusive clientele. But Valentine has a secret. Always in control, she’s never experienced true pleasure outside of her work. But all that is about to change…Now, the woman who’s spent a decade pleasuring others is about to embark on an erotic journey of her own…

It happens one night at the opera. Seated next to her in the dark is a stranger. As the music swells, so does the sexual tension. Gorgeous, sophisticated Joshua Spencer invites her for a drink, and soon she’s fantasizing about taking him home. When they finally come together in a night of the wildest lovemaking Valentine has ever known, she’s hooked. But suddenly Valentine is questioning everything. Joshua has no idea what she does for a living. Can she risk everything—including her hard-earned freedom and one final, shattering secret—for one man? And would he still want her if he knew the truth?

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“Eden Bradley could write erotic romances on a roll of toilet paper and I would read them… No one writes erotic love stories like Eden Bradley…I experienced a plethora of emotions while reading A 21st CENTURY COURTESAN and now, days after having finished, I find myself thinking of this amazing story…Bravo!”

~ 5 Ribbons, Romance Junkies

“A 21st CENTURY COURTESAN is not just an erotic read. But an erotic love story. This story, for me was more emotional than Ms. Bradley’s other stories. And readers expecting just hot sex will not be disappointed. But they will also find a thrilling, engaging read as well.”

~ TOP PICK!, Night Owl Romance

“Transcendent! A rich erotic masterpiece. I could not put it down!”

~ Author R.G. Alexander

“A 21st CENTURY COURTESAN is not what I expected at all and better than I ever imagined. I do not have the words to express how beautiful and emotional this story was.”

~ Greta Wheeler ~ I Do Not Want to Wait, I Want the Book Now

“This story showcases the beauty of sex and love…If you read A 21st CENTURY COURTESAN for nothing but the mind blowing sex, you will be utterly satisfied; but the deeper satisfaction comes from Valentine’s choices and learning that we all have the ability to choose at any moment to be different from our past, or where we thought we were headed in the future. This power to accept who we are and to change when we see a better way is the best part of being human, and Eden Bradley exposes these truths in a raw, vulnerable way that make them accessible to the reader.”

~ Romance Reader at Heart