The Training House Book One: Girl

The Training House, Book One: Girl

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In those breathless moments between pleasure and pain lie the most poignant truths…

I have signed myself over to The Training House: my devotion, my obedience, my body. It is what I have always yearned for—to lose myself in powerlessness. To be made to. But this place is more than anyone could possibly prepare for, especially the Master of the House. He is too stunning, too commanding, bringing out a yearning for submission in ways I have never imagined, and I am lost in nearly unbearable desire.  He uses my body until he brings me to tears, then tenderly wipes them away, enslaving me to him instantly, body and soul. I cannot imagine existing without him, without his wicked touch, his strict and sensual command…

Until I meet another slave, and he changes the game of kink for me forever. How can I decide what my heart wants most, without risking losing it all?


WINNER! GTRCA 2015 for Favorite Kinky Book!GTRCA15-FavoriteKinkyGolden Flogger Award Nominee~Best BDSM Book of the Year! Golden Flogger Award -- Nominee~~~~~~~~

THE TRAINING HOUSE Series is Eden’s hardest-core BDSM yet! More ‘erotica’ than ‘erotic romance’, there will nevertheless be a love story woven throughout these very kinky pages.

WARNING:: These books contains material that may be difficult to read about and/or cause triggers for some readers, including consensual non-consent and other scenes that could be disturbing. Do NOT try this at home!

*Book One, GIRL, ends on a cliffhanger. Book Two, BOY, is out now, and the story concludes with Book Three, MASTER, out in March!

“A slave’s awakening so pure, raw, and beautiful it leaves you aching for more. Nothing has touched me like this since ‘Story of O’”

~ Jenna Jacob, author of The Doms of Genesis series


Eden Bradley has outdone herself with Girl. But this book…Oh, this book!  I didn’t like Girl.  I loved it!  Loved! She deliberately and unapologetically pushes boundaries.  It is shocking in its intensity, its truth, its darkness, and in its beauty… Girl is a mesmerizing story I couldn’t put down.”

~Xtreme Delusions


“…strength of emotion, coupled with Bradley’s keen descriptions of kinky activities, of Master/slave lifestyle rituals and protocols, make Girl a standout story filled with raw sexuality and powerful emotion.”

~Everafter Romance


Holy f**ks!!! I love it! I’m just going to say this…freaking phenomenal!

~KcLu, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews


“Holy fluffy bunnies Batman! The writing is exquisite, encapsulating the reader in the experience of ultimate submission… the underlying depth of beauty and truth throughout the story is phenomenal.”

~The Book Pimp


“OMFG what an amazing book!!! I loved this story…”

~ Ladies Of Love Book Blog5 Stars!


“I love the variety of tools, emotions, the sexual encounters… I’m in love.”

~Books, Booze & BDSM blog


“…it is a stunning and evocative entry into the depths of the mind of a consensual sexual slave… The writing is so rich and the content is so redolent with imagery that you cannot help but be enraptured by the sheer decadence of the book.”

~Goodreads Reviewer

(read full review HERE)


“OMG Eden Bradley has done it again but on a whole new level…she placed me on my knees and made me feel every strike, every slap, every inch to even the fibers of the carpet.”

~A reader


“…sick and twisted”…”…so wrong.”

~Anonymous reader review (and maybe Eden’s favorite!)


“I am HOOKED!! 5 stars”

~Reader review


“Taboo, kinky, dark, confusing, hot, holy goodness!!!!

~Reader review


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The Training House, Book Two: BOY

boy-200x300Coming in January, 2016!

The story of The Training House continues!