The Training House, Book Two: BOY

The Training House, Book Two: Boy

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Being broken has never been such beautiful torture…

I am Christopher. I am most specifically not called Boy in this exclusive slave training arena where every submissive male is known as ‘Boy’. They don’t let me retain my identity—they make me. They keep me in my head, in my body, no matter what they’re doing to me, because they know I require it. They call me brat. They call me rebel. These terms are far too bland to describe what I really am. I am anger in chains. I am seething sexual animal. I am the worst kind of f*ck-up.

The Master loves me. Maybe only because the level of my misbehavior challenges him to come up with new and terrible punishments. Do I sound proud? I am. I also love him, in my way. It’s a strange dynamic, one that has never been disrupted by anyone. Until I saw the new Girl.

Fresh-faced and indescribably lovely. Burning alchemical reaction that threatened to consume me the moment I saw her. I will call her Aimee. I refuse to play the Master’s games. Because for reasons I don’t understand, she is instantly more to me than any of the other Girls. What will she think of me? The ultimate anarchist. The keeper of secrets. The unbreakable one. Why do I even care? All I know is that I do. And that this Girl could ultimately be the one who finally breaks me.


THE TRAINING HOUSE Series is Eden’s hardest-core BDSM yet! More ‘erotica’ than ‘erotic romance’, there will nevertheless be a love story woven throughout these very kinky pages.

WARNING:: These books contains material that may be difficult to read about and/or cause triggers for some readers, including consensual non-consent and other scenes that could be disturbing. Do NOT try this at home!

*BOY, ends on a cliffhanger. Book Three, MASTER, will be out in March. Book One, GIRL, is available now.

Readers, authors and reviewers are saying about BOY:

“Eden Bradley’s “The Training House” series rips me open on a guttural level. BOY is a raw, erotic journey of self-discovery. A poignant and beautifully savage unveiling of the fragile vulnerabilities inside us all.”

~ Jenna Jacob, author of The Doms of Genesis series


“One word sums up Eden Bradley’s Boy…Spectacular.  Oh. My. Goodness.  How is it possible for a book to make me feel like my emotions have been tossed in the surf and thrown against the rocks?  I think I sat and stared at the wall, my heart pounding, for about an hour after finishing the second novella in The Training House series.”

~Deb~Xtreme Delusions Blog


“…Ms. Bradley’s writing is superb…… Five stars of amazing quality, and I am waiting with bated breath for the next installment of this mind-blowing series, Master!”

~Alpha Book Club~5 Stars!


“…a hell of a book!!! Love it, love it, love it…Perfection.”

~Tracy~Ladies of Love Book Blog


“I am looking forward to more from Eden Bradley and The Training House …Yes Much Much more please and quickly Mistress!!”

~Flipped My Pages blog~5 Stars!


“Omg freaking Gawd Eden Bradley !!! I just finished Boy and screamed Noooo when it ended… I’m completely submerged… reading into Christopher’s thoughts is the ultimate mindf***”

~Reader Review


“Boy… was a disturbing 5 star read. Romance, Mind F#ck, Dark & Erotic, Hot Alpha…What a hot and twisted read.”

~Reader Review


“Absolutely mesmerizing! Mind blowing, heart wrenching, stunning read!…WOW! I was totally consumed by this intense, tragic, dark, beautiful read.”

~Reader Review


“Dark, twisted and absolutely amazing!! Wow. Just Wow! Sometimes you find an author that blows you away with such an intense story/series with characters that are raw and intense in a story that hooks you from the first page. Those moments are special. This series is one of those moments.”

~Reader Review


“…an emotional roller coaster while reading this book. This story…makes you feel things I wasn’t sure I should or could feel…”

~Reader Review


What people said about Book One, GIRL:

“A slave’s awakening so pure, raw, and beautiful it leaves you aching for more. Nothing has touched me like this since ‘Story of O’”

~ Jenna Jacob, author of The Doms of Genesis series


Eden Bradley has outdone herself with Girl. But this book…Oh, this book! I didn’t like Girl. I loved it! Loved! She deliberately and unapologetically pushes boundaries. It is shocking in its intensity, its truth, its darkness, and in its beauty…”

~Xtreme Delusions


Holy f**ks!!! I love it! I’m just going to say this…freaking phenomenal!

~KcLu, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews


“Holy fluffy bunnies Batman! The writing is exquisite, encapsulating the reader in the experience of ultimate submission… the underlying depth of beauty and truth throughout the story is phenomenal.”

~The Book Pimp


“OMG Eden Bradley has done it again…she placed me on my knees and made me feel every strike, every slap, every inch to even the fibers of the carpet.”

~A reader


“…sick and twisted”…”…so wrong.”

~Anonymous reader review (and maybe Eden’s favorite!)


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The Training House, Book Three: MASTER

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