Eden’s Officiant Services

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Have Eden perform your ceremony!

Eden is now ordained to perform weddings in California, and is available for other special commitment ceremonies. With over ten years experience as a wedding coordinator, she can help you create those memorable moments for your special day. She will work closely with you to ensure your ceremony reflects who you are, and any traditions you’d like to honor.

~Eden is happy to officiate legal weddings between people of any gender/gender identity.

~As someone who has spent many years involved in the BDSM/kink community, she is also uniquely qualified to perform collaring ceremonies and kink-themed weddings.

~As a costumer with a special interest in steampunk, she is well-prepared for costume-themed weddings.


~Local venues $400.00 (San Francisco, Sonoma County, Marin County, East Bay): Standard officiant fees includes accommodating these locations. This fee also includes Eden creating your ceremony and helping you to write vows.

~Distant venues: Standard officiant fees plus travel expenses, which may include airfare/gas and lodging, if needed, as well as licensing for other states if required, and a small daily stipend.

~Other services: Have Eden help you create your ceremony or vows. $250 for both ceremony and vows. $200 for ceremony only. $150 for vows only.