Pleasure Point

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The island always knows what you need…

 Miranda lives in paradise— the exclusive Eden resort, the ultimate in fantasy retreats.

Roan, the resort’s dungeon consultant, lives part-time on the island and full-time in the past.

When the sexy Dominant and the sultry pastry chef both receive one of the island’s mysterious invitations they spend a sizzling week together in the dungeon suite. They’re left breathless, wanting more… and hopelessly falling.

Both have been scarred by loss, both have created a nearly impenetrable shell. The intensity and intimacy of kink might be the perfect recipe to open Miranda’s heart again. But can the man who fulfills her every secret desire ever give her what she needs the most?


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Originally part of the smash hit multi-author Invitation to Eden Anthology

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Lauren Hawkeye‘s Master of the Island – Free prequel to the series. See how it all begins…

When his life takes a dark turn, billionaire Theodosius Vardalos purchases a deserted island in the Bermuda triangle. It’s accessible only by plane- the better, he thinks, to hide his scars from the rest of the world. What Theo doesn’t know is that the island has an incredible secret, one that gives him hope… hope of future happiness, despite the horrible scars that make him a recluse. Hope to be had in the arms of a mysterious blonde he hasn’t yet met…

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Julia Kent’s Random Acts of Fantasy

You ever really think that you’ll win the lottery? Meet Mr. Right? How about two Mr. Rights? Somehow the universe is handing me everything I want, and I don’t like it. Not one little bit. Because just when you get all your dreams handed to you on a silver platter, that’s when an airplane dumps its sewage on your house. Or your mama’s diabetes takes a bad turn. Or your mobile phone gets stuck in your hoohaw.(What? It happens…) Boring old average me got everything I wanted already, moving from small-town Ohio to big-city Boston to follow my heart. So when the fancy invitation offering me a pile of money to come with the band, Random Acts of Crazy, to perform on an island resort and be their manager arrived, I thought it was a cosmic joke. Enough money to help my mama get what she needed, five days in sunny paradise, and a shot at greatness for the band? Unreal. One big shoe was waiting to drop. On my head. Just like no one really ever finds a naked man wearing only a guitar standing by the side of the road hitchhiking and ends up falling in love with him and his friend and moving halfway across the country for true love, no one gets an invitation to come to what turns out to be a resort where people make what me and Joe and Trevor do together look like a chaste peck on the cheek. But… Well. I guess these things do happen. To me.

Avery Aster‘s Yours Truly, Taddy

The year is 2002 and eighteen-year-old Manhattanite Taddy Brill is booked on a Candy Land inspired photo shoot at the island of Eden’s Licorice Castle. Three famed French photographers working the set want her to be sexy and playful for the camera. Sounds easy, right?Not for this glamazon dressed as Princess Lolly—she’s a virgin. Luckily she jetted into this paradise with her two besties Lex Easton and Vive Farnworth for lights, camera and…candy?

Reader warning: This stand-alone full length novel contains raunchy, new adult humor, sugar-kink activities with three men at the same time, underage champagne consumption and psychedelic drug use. It’s a trip. For fans of The Carrie Diaries and Gossip Girl comes The Undergrad Years, a coming of age prequel series offering readers a glimpse into the lives of The Manhattanites as they graduate from boarding school. Taking place a decade prior, each stand alone novel is cliff-hanger free and features a happy for now (HFN) ending.

Adriana Hunter‘s Escape from Reality

When curvy single and struggling romance author Alana Saunders receives a  mysterious invitation to spend an all-expense paid week on a tropical  island, it’s seems too good to be true.  Who is responsible for sending  the invitation?  Why does the envelope smell of dominant male  possession?  And most importantly, why her? With a string of  failed relationships and a career on the downslide, Alana feels she has  nothing to lose. But when she arrives at her destination, far away from  everything she knows, she can’t help but wonder if she made a mistake.   That is until she comes face to face with the incredibly handsome Cain  Marks, a tortured stranger with dark secrets, and a man who will take  without asking. With just one touch he awakens a desperate need within  her. Before too long Alana finds herself caught up in a game of  irresistible obsession, where truths are exposed, and the dangerously  blurred line between fantasy and reality threaten to drive her to the  point of no return.

Sharon Page’s Fight for Me

I had to drop out of college to raise my son after his dad, notorious MMA fighter Ryder King, and I broke up. Ryder is so haunted by demons he won’t let anyone touch his heart. Fame, fortune, and fighting didn’t bring him any peace, and I knew, for the sake of our baby, that I had to leave him. That’s when I met Ryder’s best friend, Xavier Malone, a former fighter who built a billion dollar empire. Xavier is gorgeous, sweet, and wonderful with my son. I’m falling for him—but I’m scared to commit. Then I receive an invitation to the island of Eden, a luxurious resort where I can live my every sensual fantasy. I’m certain Xavier sent it. But after I leave my son with my mom and fly to Eden, I discover I’m in the middle of a grudge match between Xavier and Ryder. They are going to fight for me: inside the ring in a televised match, and outside it—where they both plan to seduce the pants off me. But I have a surprise for them too.

Suzanne Rock‘s Hydrotherapy

When Jenna Sanders leaves her dead end job and accepts a management position at an exclusive spa on the island of Eden, she hopes to gain more control over her finances and future. She loves the idea of being in charge until she meets her new boss, Caine, and learns the value of handing control over to someone else. As their passion brings them closer in the bedroom, Jenna’s insecurities and stubbornness threaten to drive them apart. Now she must come to terms with her submissive side before Caine sends her back to the mainland and she loses her one chance to make her dreams come true.

Marian Tee‘s His Fair Lady

The royal family has given Prince Julian an ultimatum: take a much-needed vacation or lose all their support when he makes his bid for Ethereal’s throne. Their choice of destination: a whimsical exotic paradise called Eden, which travel guides describe as a place where every person’s fantasy becomes reality. The cynical workaholic prince expects the island’s magic to be lost on him until he stumbles upon Cass, a blind girl whose face has been mysteriously haunting Julian’s dreams for years. As their time together on the island becomes preciously short, Julian knows he must force himself to accept the truth. Cass may own his heart, but another woman shall be his princess.

Sara Fawkes’ Queen’s Knight

A man for whom Dominance is a way of life. A woman who refuses to yield control. Dany McQueen was good at her job, and she knew it. Being the PA to one of New York’s most respected professional Doms had it’s unique challenges, but she could handle anything thrown her way…except the invitation to participate. Giving up control scared her, even when the offer was tempting beyond belief. When an invitation turns up at her door, however, that may give her a chance to live out her deepest fantasy, she’s ready to give it a shot. Gabriel Knight was getting old, and he felt every year. With his latest sub ending their partnership to pursue a vanilla relationship and family, he’s suddenly loathe to take on any more trainees. When his long-time personal assistant requests a vacation, he’s more than willing to grant it…until he realized exactly where she is going. Dany thought Eden would be somewhere she could enjoy her fantasies, safe from the pressure of her real life. She never expected for her boss to follow her, nor that his relentless pursuit would awaken a desire inside her she’d refused to allow herself before. Now that she’s had a taste of her Knight, Dany is desperate for more, but can a relationship so long suppressed work outside of their ow. Private fantasy island?

Eliza Gayle‘s Hold Me Close

Sometimes you need to cut and run and sometimes the ties run too deep to abandon. Bonnie’s job at Purgatory keeps her on edge in more ways than one. Every day the pain of her grief over losing her Dom threatens to consume her. Her only escape comes at the hands of the resident tattooed  bad boy who likes to keep things light and loose with a variety of women. He may not be the Dom of her dreams, but he chases away the darkness if only for one night… Dex is used to unattached submissives coming to him for a chance to feel the kiss of his flogger or the sting of his whip until they find their own Doms. With his busy life of ink and kink he likes keeping his women at arm’s length. Except one night a month when Bonnie shreds him every time she asks him to hold her close. When a secret invitation to an island resort arrives, is it the answer to their problems? Or their worst nightmare?

Cathryn Fox‘s Breaking Free

Spring Break at college is supposed to be a time of fun and parties, but Alaska Rossi, AKA Jane Smith, is on lockdown thanks to her father’s mafia dealings. She wants only to party down with the rest of her classmates.  At least her hot, darkly mysterious bodyguard— deep undercover as her dorm’s resident assistant—gives her something to fantasize about during her boring nights in confinement. When she wins a campus radio contest, and is gifted with a special invitation to an exclusive island, she knows it’s her chance to break free. After all, it’s a place where no one knows her name, so what danger could possible come to her? But when danger appears in the form of a masked man who takes control of all her pleasures, tapping into her darkest fantasies, she begins to wonder if her undercover lover, and the mysterious bodyguard who’s deep undercover, are one in the same…

Carly Phillips’s Dare to Surrender

After ending a relationship to a cheating, domineering man, Isabelle Masters takes off in her leased Mercedes, only to be arrested for grand theft and hauled to a local police station.  To her surprise, she is rescued by the most unlikely person possible, Gabriel Dare, a man she’s been attracted to for far too long. Gabe offers Isabelle freedom along with an invitation to Eden, an exclusive island resort where everything and anything is possible. Although Gabe yearns to possess Isabelle, he knows all too well he must fight his primitive need to bind her to him, and instead help bring out the independent woman she yearns to become — or risk losing her for good. A woman who needs to run her own life.  A man who needs to exert control.   Can she surrender to his erotic demands without losing her sense of self once more?

Erika Wilde‘s The Capture

The Marriage Diaries, Volume 6

There isn’t much that Jillian Noble can resist when it comes to her sexy, gorgeous husband, Dean.  She’s become very independent in her daily life, but privately, behind closed doors, Jillian finds she loves submitting to her husband’s more dominant, erotic demands. When Dean surprises her with an invitation to Eden and promises to fulfill one of her secret fantasies, she can’t wait to find out what’s in store.  On her first night on the mysterious island, she’s captured by a rogue pirate and imprisoned as his mistress. What he commands of her is shocking, but there is no denying this dark, forbidden stranger, or the exquisite pleasure that comes with her ultimate surrender.

Daire St. Denis‘s How to Tempt a Tycoon

Tessa Savage has traveled all over the world but she has never been to Eden. So when she receives a personalized invitation to this enigmatic island location, there’s no way she can refuse. She’s been told that Eden will fulfill her every fantasy but instead Tessa is faced with the choice of overcoming one of her two greatest fears; total vulnerability or total submission. To Tessa there is very little difference between these two things…except that the choice means she must make a decision between two very special men from her past. Help Tessa decide what to do in this smokin’ hot and emotionally charged interactive tale.


Mari Carr‘s Rough Draft

Big Easy, book 4 Capture, bondage and fantasies fulfilled. It’s all fun and games until someone gets killed. Bestselling crime novelist Jett Lewis is stumbling over a wicked case of writer’s block, his fast-flowing words having run dry. His publisher’s screaming “deadline”, the fans are ready to riot, and Jett just wants to disappear. His friend Carissa suggests he get away, clear his head…get laid. And she has just the ticket. Literally. Two passes to Eden, an exclusive island paradise.

Recently sans girlfriend, Jett convinces Carissa to go with him, and the resort is more than either of them bargained for—especially when the simple beach trip turns to murder. Thrust into a plot sinister enough to rival Jett’s books, the couple embarks on a search for the killer. The most shocking revelation of all might be their mutual attraction…and how much Jett and Carissa love working undercover.

Roni Loren‘s Blurring the Lines

After the devastating loss of her fiancé, Gretchen Price has moved back home to New Orleans to find her way again. But it’s been a year, and all she’s done is bury herself in her work and shut the world out. Her only indulgence is her weekly pop-ins to The Daredevil Travel Agency where her fiancé’s younger brother, Burke, regales her with tales of his thrill-seeking adventures. She can’t seem to move forward, and he can’t sit still. Burke Brennan knows what Gretchen is going through. But he can’t stand to see the girl he’s wanted since high school becoming a shadow of herself with each week that passes. He wants to show her the beautiful, exciting side of life again. And he’s tired of doing it through stories. So when Burke gets an invite to a private luxury island, he knows what he has to do. This invitation’s for two, and he’s not going stag. But when they arrive at the mysterious Eden, and Burke sees all of its sexy offerings, it’s time to put up or shut up. Gretchen needs an escape, and he’s the man who can give it to her. He just hopes that when they get back to the mainland, the fantasy won’t fade. He’s not afraid to show her exactly how he feels, but how can he compete with a memory?

Steena Holmes‘ Return to Sender

Lauren Summers leads a life of routine, rules, and lists. She doesn’t have time for romance or excitement and certainly not for mysterious invitations that tempt her to break all her own rules. The only solution? Return it.

It wasn’t meant for her anyways. But while she’s determined to rid herself of temptation, someone from her past has other ideas…


Eden Bradley‘s Pleasure Point

The island always knows what you need…

 Miranda lives in paradise— the exclusive Eden resort, the ultimate in fantasy retreats.
Roan, the resort’s dungeon consultant, lives part-time on the island and full-time in the past.
When the sexy Dominant and the sultry pastry chef both receive one of the island’s mysterious invitations they spend a sizzling week together in the dungeon suite. They’re left breathless, wanting more… and hopelessly falling.
Both have been scarred by loss, both have created a nearly impenetrable shell. The intensity and intimacy of kink might be the perfect recipe to open Miranda’s heart again. But can the man who fulfills her every secret desire ever give her what she needs the most?

 Opal Carew‘s Wild Ride

Her friend told her dreams come true at Eden, but this is more like a nightmare. Marissa is shaken when her bad-assed biker ex-boyfriend shows up at her door.  She doesn’t let him in—she’s no fool—but now she’s being stalked by a man she thought she’d left in the past. When her friend receives an invitation to an exclusive resort called Eden, but can’t go because of work commitments, she talks Marissa into taking the trip.  It will take her far away from her now-turned-stalker ex-boyfriend and give her a well needed rest. But she finds that even in paradise she can’t escape the man from her past.  On a trip to a little town near the resort, she spots him watching her.  When he strides toward her, she dodges down a side street, her heart pounding. A passing stranger on a motorcycle pulls up and, seeing her panic, commands her to get onto the bike.  She doesn’t know why she trusts him—maybe just any port in a storm—but she jumps on the stranger’s bike and he takes off. Now the chase has begun.  Her knight in supple leather knows how to ride and they manage to lose her ex.  For now.    But soon, Marissa wonders if she’s jumped from the frying pan into the fire as she clings to the tough, tattooed man who saved her. All she knows for sure is – it’s going to be one Wild Ride!

Delilah Devlin’s Her Desert Heart

Aislinn Dupree always prided herself on living in the present, free of her family’s dark predilections for magic. However, after losing her partner and lover in a shootout, Aislin is tormented by her memories of the past and the day she lost Marc LeBrun. Her nights are haunted by vividly erotic dreams of them together, and of that painful day her life changed forever, subtle changes occurring each time she dreams, but which never change the painful outcome. At her darkest hour, she’s gifted with a decadent island getaway she hopes will help her shed her sorrow. Instead, she meets a man, so like Marc he makes her ache for what she once had. With her waking hours consumed by him and her nights spent roaming her dreams in search of Marc, she begins to lose herself, to dream of another reality where dreams do come true.

Kimberly Kaye Terry‘s Thorne of a Rose

All of her life, Siobhan Dupree has been running, hiding…and dreaming.  Running from the true woman she is, the witch she knows herself to be. Hiding from the wild, hedonistic being she is afraid she won’t be able to control if released. Dreaming, from her earliest memories, of a dangerously hot, mysterious yet familiar man, nightly. The only person she can be herself with, Siobhan’s mystery man at times comforts her. At other times he leaves her wet and satisfied… yet aching and wanting more when she awakens each morning. Gifted with a luxurious Island Getaway, Siobhan jumps at the chance to go, to try and finally put her odd past behind her. She soon realizes she can run but she can never hide from who she is or from the darkly comforting arms of the one who will never let her go.

Tawny Stokes‘ Ivy in Bloom

After getting out of a bad relationship and dropping out of university, Ivy Watts decides she needs some much needed stress therapy so she tags along with her parents to a luxury island resort called Eden.  She expects to laze around on the beach with a drink in her hand and figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life, but what she doesn’t expect is to learn a few life lessons from the tall, dark handsome man in the penthouse suite.


Joey W. Hill’s Elusive Hero

Vampires drink blood, they’re superior to humans, and they’re sexual Dominants. Every vampire knows those truths. A vampire’s human servant is property, plaything, pawn—and the only living being a vampire can trust. Though she may own him, body, heart and soul, a human servant keeps a vampire from feeling alone in her dangerous, political world. But Kaela has a secret. She’s a vampire with a burning need to submit, to belong to a Master, and definitely not a vampire Master, who will use the advantage for political or emotional domination. But what kind of human male will consent to becoming a vampire’s servant, a 300-year life of utter servitude, to be her Master behind closed doors?  An invitation to Eden offers her the chance to discover her elusive hero…and indulge the bliss of surrender.

RG Alexander‘s Falling or Flying

Joely knows the island well. A pilot for its most exclusive clientele and one of the few employees who has ever spoken to Eden’s Master face to face, she has finally found a place to bury her troubled past and her personal fantasies where no one will ever find them…but the island still has a few secrets left to share.

Austin Wright is a regular visitor, and though his first invitation was meant to mend his spirit after the accident that changed his life forever, each time he’s returned his desires have remained stubbornly unfulfilled.

He wants Joely.

She’s resisted him for years, but when a moment of weakness turns into a week of wicked debauchery, there may be no going back. She’ll have to take a leap of faith, and hope the landing doesn’t break her heart.

Lauren Hawkeye‘s Master of Pleasure

Billionaire Theodosius Vardalos has lived on the island of Eden for nearly ten years. Though his horrific scars have made him a recluse, he has turned Eden into a resort where the lines between fantasy and reality blur… A place where he sees noone face to face, not even his staff, who have dubbed him “Master of the Island”. Even as Theo helps fulfill the fantasies of his guests, he waits… Waits for the mysterious woman who was shown to him when he first arrived on Eden. He recognizes Noelle Davis the second the nosy reporter steps foot in his castle… But the dream woman is nothing like he anticipated. He yearns for her submission. But he wonders… can a woman as beautiful as Noelle truly be happy with a beast?

CC MacKenzie’s Delicious and Deadly

Emma Ludlow’s temperature is rising and it’s not because of the sweltering Florida sun. Her lucrative business is bloodshed and slaughter. All she wants is peace and quiet in Eden to plot her latest murder. However, a much-adored celebrity chef is in Eden, too. The man is insufferable with an overblown ego she’s dying to kill. His slow smile may be ‘Delicious’, but she won’t taste it, not again. Being famous and wealthy isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Oscar Zamani learned that life lesson the hard way when he let the seductively mysterious Emma slip through his fingers. Now an Invitation To Eden has given him another chance to show her that this time he can be trusted. But little does Oscar know that Emma has a dark secret. A secret that might be ‘Deadly’ to his heart.

Jessica Clare’s Pleasure Games

Glass artisan Juno Ashmore’s bank account has hit the skids lately. When she’s invited to mysterious Eden to film the reality TV show Pleasures of Eden, she’s not interested. Swanky island location? Billionaire bachelor? No thanks. But when she hears the contestant payment fee of fifty thousand dollars — just for showing up, Pleasures of Eden suddenly sounds more interesting. Screw the billionaire bachelor! Juno will take the contestant fee and have herself a nice beach vacation. But the billionaire bachelor is none other than Heathcliff Forester, the sexy, arrogant man who broke her heart in college. And Heathcliff’s made it clear that he’s not interested in any girl but Juno.  In fact, it’s looking more and more like he’s rigged the entire show just to bring her into his arms again. It should make Juno furious, but all she can think about is what it’d be like to spend her nights in Eden in his bed… Jennifer Probst – Title and cover to be revealed soon.