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Empower Your Sexual Self

Deepen your understanding of sexual pleasure, connection, and intimacy by learning the complexities of female desire.

Relaunching in 2025

Join NY Times and USA Today bestselling erotica and erotic romance author Eden Bradley and emotional wellness, self-help author Christine Rose Elle to learn to understand your desires and explore the aspects of your sensual self in this fun, interview-style, online course for women 18+.

•5 interview-style self-guided video lessons

•PDF of female-friendly resources

•PDF Workbook

•Access to private FB Group

•BONUS video: toy walkthrough

Awaken the Senses for Writers

Learn to create mood, enhance your setting, draw your reader in, ground them in your character’s head and in the moment by using the five senses to make your story come alive.

NY Times and USA Today bestselling erotica and erotic romance author Eden Bradley leads writers through an exercise in sensuality in the self-guided workshop that teaches you how to tune into the five senses and use them to deepen every scene you write—not just love scenes. Hosted by award-winning coach and self-help author Christine Rose Elle.

5 video lessons•

Printable Workbook•

Intro + Resources•

How to Write Better Sex

Learn how to level-up your sex scenes for maximum impact from New York Times & USA Today bestselling erotic romance author Eden Bradley.

Sex scenes should do as much to advance your story as any other scene, but it’s something many writers aren’t quite sure how to accomplish. In this self-paced mini video course, Eden will help you make your sex scenes sexier, more layered and more compelling. She’ll show you how to tap deeply into emotion and craft your love scenes so they reflect your character’s darkest fears and fondest desires, and make your readers feel as if they’re experiencing every sensation along with your characters.

What you’ll learn:

• What every well-written love scene needs to accomplish & how to get there

• How to create sexual tension between your characters

• How to use sensual detail to draw readers into the moment

• How to utilize sensual pacing in your sex scenes, or throughout the story for those who write books on the steamier side

• Mechanics & psychology of sex from a sex educator’s perspective

 What you get:

• A one hour video course

• A beautiful workbook

• A detailed resource list 


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Eden Bradley | Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author Eden Bradley (aka Eve Berlin) writes dark, edgy character-driven erotic fiction. Her work has been called “elegant, intelligent and sensual.” Her debut novel, The Dark Garden, has been praised as “a masterpiece”, and was a Romantic Times Top Pick, as was her erotic novel Forbidden Fruit. Her novel The Lovers was called “the thinking woman’s erotica.”


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