Empower Your Sexual Self


  Join New York Times bestselling author Eden Bradley and life coach Christine Rose Elle to learn to understand your desires and explore the aspects of your sensual self in this fun, interview-style, two week online video course for women.


What you’ll learn

~How to identify desires

~Learning your body

~Deeper understanding of female orgasm

~How to use toys & which ones do what

~How to ask for what you need

~Ways to deepen intimacy


Included in your course

~5 interview-style video lessons

~2 live Q & A sessions with Eden

~BONUS video with toy walkthrough 

~The opportunity to ask Eden & Christine questions privately

~Resource PDF with female friendly shops

~Access to private Facebook group

~Beautiful printable workbook


Who it’s for

~Women who want to deepen their understanding of sexual pleasure, their own bodies, and the complexities of female orgasm, how to identify desires, explore fantasies, and further connection and intimacy by being able to ask for what you need from your partner. But most of all, this course is about owning your femininity and understanding the power of your sexual self!

**The course modules are emailed to you to view at your own pace, so you can be a part of this fantastic experience in your own home, anywhere in the world!


What people are saying about EMPOWER YOUR SEXUAL SELF:

“Thank you for providing a safe place for all of us to talk about this potentially incendiary stuff. I am SO glad that I signed up for your class, and so very grateful for your time and hard work.”


“This course has been amazing!! Eden Bradley and Christine Rose Elle have done an amazing job at making it a safe and comfortable place to share with others. The information was very insightful and easy to relate to… I would definitely recommend this course to others!!”



“Worth the money in gold! Tons of good material and info. Eden Bradley-Eve Berlin and Christine Rose Elle are awesome teachers and very open to any type of questions.”




 Important Dates


START DATE: June 8th, 2017


Fee: $97 USD (Registration coming soon!)



Module 1: Understanding female sexual desire:  How do you know what you truly desire? Eden guides us through the process of getting to know yourself and your body, the inevitable life issues that affect your sensual self, including health and aging concerns, and how to use fantasies to rev up. We’ll also help you find ways to work past taboos that may be holding you back from achieving your greatest sensual pleasures.
Module 2: The mystery of the female orgasm:  We’ll talk about different types of orgasm, how to experience each kind, and at the most explosive levels.
Module 3: Asking for what you need:  Deeply explore how to identify what you need – mind and body. Female sexual appetite all starts in the brain, but then what do you do with your awakened desires? Let’s find out together!
Module 4: Adapting your sex life to lifestyle and enhancing the possibilities:  Stress, aging and health are just some of the things that affect our sex lives. But what if you’re going through a stressful time, relationship change or any of the other ongoing things that impact our lives as women? Learn some ways to flow with the changes without having to sacrifice your sex life.
Module 5: Masturbation:  Sex toys and masturbation are something many women feel uncomfortable about, but they can be a huge boost to your sex life and overall well-being making these important topics to cover. We make a safe and fun place for you to learn more.
BONUS: Sex toy walkthrough and female friendly resources:  Eden gives you an introduction to a variety of sex toys, their function and how to shop for them in a way that feels safe and from female friendly vendors.


What do I need to take this course?
You will need access to a computer or tablet, and internet access. There is a closed Facebook Group in which information, engagement, and live Q & A with Eden takes place, so having a Facebook account is ideal, but not required.
Are there set times for classes?
Not at all! We wanted to keep things simple for you, so all of the course modules will be delivered to your inbox to enjoy as you wish. The lessons are spread throughout the two weeks, and the course is self-paced. However there are 2 live Q & A sessions with Eden and Christine that you will want to put on your calendar.
What will I get out of taking this course?
A deeper understanding of your body, your needs, and desires. A tool box for having a fun, intimate and healthy sex life, as well as incredible support from the other women in the Facebook group, if you’d like to reach out and interact. And a fun experience with a couple of girls who really get it!