The Dreambox Girl


Book One, Kyoto City Steam

A steampunk/cyberpunk novella, coming in 2012

She lives in a prison of sensual dreams, until one man changes her dreams forever…

The Dreambox Girls exist to pleasure the elite of Kyoto City. Miss Kittee, the starring attraction, lives in a world where her sensual fantasies are shared and controlled by the Kin’ai Coil…for a price. Owned by the Bakuto who run the City, she knows no other life, never considers escape…until one man joins her in her dreams and changes everything.

Taro Jukodo is invited to the Brass Blossom, the most infamous tea house in Tea Town. Offered the opportunity to experience the pleasures only the most powerful have known, how can he refuse? Having the chance to know the woman inside the Dreambox, to show her what they could have together…How can he resist?

Together they discover the forbidden. Will the danger be worth the risk?