The Beauty of Surrender

Shibari…The ancient art of erotic restraint…Its finely-knotted ropes are a turn-on, a sexual experience… and for some, an absolute necessity…


Serving the Master: Desmond and Ava

At a San Francisco sex club called Pinnacle, Ava Gregory seeks something she cannot quite describe. But of one thing she is certain: the moments when feels her most beautiful and complete are when she is tightly restrained in the Shibari ropes. At Pinnacle, she’s paired with a master: Desmond Hale, who thrives on control… But something surprising happens when Desmond binds Ava’s willing body and takes her to the edge of ecstasy. And now, the two are taking their relationship out of the shadows of the club, sharing secrets unleashed and bodies unbound…

Soothing the Beast: Marina and James

An art dealer and Shibari master, Marina has never hesitated to dominate anyone. Until she meets James, a dark, gorgeous, towering journalist who’s survived horrors around the world. James confesses that submission is the only way to clear his troubled mind, but Marina is instantly overwhelmed by his strength and magnetism. To share the pleasures of bondage, something must change between them. When it does, it will come with an explosion of unexpected pleasure—and a relationship that neither could have ever have imagined…


What Reviewers & Readers Are Saying about The Beauty of Surrender

“… one amazing novel… powerful and beautiful…”

~Greta Wheeler Reviews

“Very few authors can write BDSM the way Eden Bradley can…utterly and erotically entrancing.”

~Author Sasha White

“…a lush, flawlessly-written tale of the art of domination and submission.”

~Author Lilli Feisty

“THE BEAUTY OF SURRENDER is not just an erotic novel.  It is a beautiful look at how love can tame even the most hardened of hearts…, a beautiful book to read.”

~Romance Junkies~5 Blue Ribbons!

“Bradley’s narrative is so strong… She is also a master at writing taut, hot, naughty sex… Readers…will really enjoy Bradley’s tasteful tales of strength through surrender.”

~Romance Reader at Heart Reviews~ Top Pick!

“…a rare treasure… Ms. Bradley is truly a gifted author…”

~Coffee Time Romance


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Eden Bradley | Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author Eden Bradley (aka Eve Berlin) writes dark, edgy character-driven erotic fiction. Her work has been called “elegant, intelligent and sensual.” Her debut novel, The Dark Garden, has been praised as “a masterpiece”, and was a Romantic Times Top Pick, as was her erotic novel Forbidden Fruit. Her novel The Lovers was called “the thinking woman’s erotica.”


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