Breaking Skye

 BOOK TWO in the SAN FRANCISCO DOM Series~Available Now!

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When power play becomes more than just a game…

Submission. Spanking. Perhaps even a flogger, a whip…These are the things Skye has always craved, the desires she has never allowed herself to explore. Until now. She thought she was looking for a single experience, something to purge these strange yearnings from her system. Instead she finds a man whose absolute authority and stunning good looks leave her breathless. Helpless. Willing to do anything he asks of her. But only for one night…

Adam has other ideas—BDSM is a process, not a single experience. Skye could be the perfect submissive once he’s done training her—for someone else. For him, that’s always the way it’s been. But Skye is different. Enticing. Intoxicating. Irresistible. Soon all he can think of is breaking Skye—and keeping her for himself.

A BDSM novella from the author of the acclaimed novel THE DARK GARDEN-if you loved 50 Shades, you’ll lose yourself in this tale based on a true story!

**BREAKING SKYE was previously released in 2006-now newly edited and twice the length!

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“Eden Bradley’s Breaking Skye is a must read for fans of BDSM. Authentic, tantalizing and richly romantic. Once again Bradley combines her vast experience and stellar creativity to give her readers exactly what they’ve been craving…whether they knew it or not.”

~R.G. Alexander, author of POSSESS ME

“…Breaking Skye is a wonderfully fast paced emotional rollercoaster… From the beginning this book is smoking hot!… I can’t recommend it enough!!”

~Day Dreaming Book Reviews

“…a beautiful story of love, healing and the power of a good, sexy spanking…Eden Bradley, who also writes as Eve Berlin, has become one of my favorite BDSM authors. She writes larger than life heroes; sexy, intelligent heroines and realistic emotions that will have you feeling every moment.”

~Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews-4 ½ Stars!

Eden Bradley quickly draws the reader into the sensual, intense world of Skye and Adam … The reader is quickly swept into their intense world of pain and pleasure…”

~Dark Divas Reviews