♦Interview! Eden and the *real* Christopher were interviewed by Sue Brown from the Grave Tells blog at the Wicked Grounds cafe in San Francisco recently-see the first four of six parts of this intense, revealing discussion about The Training House Series, and about Christopher, Eden’s most enticing and popular character ever! Read it all HERE!


♦Award Nomination! Eden’s hard-core BDSM book GIRL, Book One in The Training House Series, has been nominated for a Golden Flogger Award in the Best BDSM Book category!

girl-200x300Golden Flogger Award -- Nominee-2*

♦Almost Here! MASTER, Book Three in The Training House series, will be out soon! Check out the website page for more info HERE!



♦Cirque du Punk! Eden and the amazing authors of the Patron’s Guild at the Cirque du Punk Ball in Las Vegas was the biggest, baddest, most astounding party ever seen at the RT Booklovers Convention! Check out our Facebook group or go to the RT Convention site to see pics and video of the costumes, activities, and our incredible circus acts!